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Federer - The Inspiration.

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Roger Federer is embarking on something new. Even with all the Grand Slam winnings, the joy and idea of being numbr one again is so enticing. His next match will be the beginning of the tournament that could give him just that.

What winning this tournament means.

Roger Federer currently is just 155 points short of the number one spot. It is like a little special gift that is just sitting there. He just has to open it. To do this, he must win the next 3 matches. On paper, he should have no problem but as everyone knows that is why they play the games. The excitement of potentially being number one again must be so tantalizing to him. It is to us!

How inspirational.

To achieve something extra special even when there is no need to is a very rewarding feeling. We all know the excellent of accomplishing something we thought might never happen. To visibly watch Federer try to make such an achievement, is truly inspirational for all of us. It is like we are living it with him.

Showcases his best.

Roger Federer seems to the quintessential person of a lot of categories - tennis, business management, philanthropathy, husband, and father to name just a few. With all the stresses and obstacles that life can throw you, he has managed to find a way to live focused and be dedicated to what he values and at the same time be such an accomplished athlete. Definitley a role model for all of us.

Champagne's on ice.

There will no doubt be some celebration if Federer moves on to the semi-finals becoming number one and even more if he wins the tournament gathering that coveted 500 points! His sponsor Moet & Chandon likely have the bottles cold on ice already. With the coveted point collection, the chatter will then turn to how long he can keep the number one postion. It will be months of Federer and Nadal trying to keep the points that they both acquired the previous year. It is going to be an interesting few months to see who stays on top.

Let's enjoy.

We can only be thankful and also inspired by both Federer and Nadal giving us another year of amazing tennis. Let's enjoy it like it will never end!


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