Federer - The Inspiration.

Roger Federer is embarking on something new. Even with all the Grand Slam winnings, the joy and idea of being numbr one again is so enticing. His next match will be the beginning of the tournament that could give him just that. What winning this tournament means. Roger Federer currently is just 155 points short of the number one spot. It is like a little special gift that is just sitting there. He just has to open it. To do this, he must win the next 3 matches. On paper, he s

The Wellness of Tennis.

Singles tennis is played by yourself against one opponent at a time. Your fitness, your mental toughness, your strategy, your talent and skills against theirs. It is an equal playing field between the two of you in the same exact conditions. Tennis as a microcosm of life. After playing a lot of tennis you realize the game itself and the skills you need really mirror life itself. For both life and tennis you needs to be prepared, you need to have stamina, you need to be smart

Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Every year, the first full week in February marks the Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament. Also every year, on that same week, it usually rains most days. This year, however, it feels like summer in Pebble Beach and everyone is enjoying it immensely. Quite the amateur list. Once again the amateur players' list is quite a mix. Bill Murray has made his annual pilgrimage to the links. Other household familiar names include Bret Baier, Mike Bloomberg, Larry the Cable Guy, Carson

Follow Your Passions.

We have all heard that following your passions gives you more success. Many of us need a little more evidence of that. We all have passions and if we focus and hone how good we are with a least one of them, surprising things can happen. Mixing Sports Medicine and Inline Skating. Renee Hildebrand always had a passion for roller skating and a far away dream of becoming a world champion roller skater. She studied physical therapy as well as the applications of sports medicine, a

Excited About The New Logo.

Nothing like a little unique identity. The Living Well Viewpoint logo is here. Feels right. What do you think? #life #sport #medicine #lifestyle #livingwell

You Want To Start Running.

Deciding to start running or any exercise is a big decision for someone who doesn't normally exercise. Running such an easy exercise you can do right from your front door and you can be back home as well as showered and dressed within an hour or less. It is a very efficient way to exercise. It is also very easy to start after you have made sure with your physician there are no reasons why you shouldn't. Make sure you have a good pair shoes that are made for running. They shou

Erin Jackson - The Olympian To Watch.

Photo credit: Stacey Revere/Getty Images. Erin Jackson embodies the ideals of sport - focus, dedication, and going for your dreams with the hard work it requires. She has made the US Olympic Long Track Speedskating Team. Congratulations! An accomplished athlete in Speedskating Roller Sports, she has only been training on ice for the 4 months prior to the olympic trials. She is someone to watch at the 2018 Winter Olympics. What do you think of such an accomplishment? #life #sp

Girls in sports.

There is no greater benefit to the health of young girls than having them active in sports. It helps them socialize, it helps them focus and plan, it keeps them fit, and it has them occiupied with an activity that is positive to name only a few of the good things. To foster a like of something you can continue into adulthood is ideal. For me the sustaining activities have been running and tennis. What are yours? #sport #medicine #livingwell

Our Blogger.

I graduated from Medical School more than 30 years ago after a pre-medical with work in Exercise Physiology as well as research including a Masters Degree with thesis research regarding how a common blood pressure pill affects the  ability to exercise. Always a proponent of exercise and activity, I supplemented my Family Medicine residency with extra training in Orthopedic Surgery. It felt that my background was perfect for a career in Sports Medicine and the promotion of exe