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Welcome to living well viewpoinT


Living Well Viewpoint is a blog dedicated to Life, Sport, and Medicine while being mindful of a lifestyle of living well.  

I love to write. I remember the poems as a teenager'progressing to scientific writing in university and on to published scientific reseach, After becoming a physician and having a well established Sports Medicine practice, I enjoyed writing not only for IBTimes in their Sports section but also for a monthly column in a local newspaper for 10 years running. Topics were largely about living healthy and Sports Medicine. I received a lot of feedback from those that read the column and often would fashion their requested topics in a subsequent column. But nothing compares to the creative experience and scope of expression in a blog for a writer. as well as the real time interactive aspect with the readers. I write and we both experience. Here is our journey together exploring my viewpoint of living well from the perspective of  Life, Sport, Medicine and Lifestyle.

  ... it's my viewpoint,

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Thank you so much for reading.

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