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Wimbledon - Where Are The Big Four?

Wimbledon 2018 will begin tomorrow. The Big Four have won 48 of the last 53 Men's Grand Slam tournaments. Somehow we all know this era of dominance will have an end. Where do the Big Four stand with Wimbledon 2018?

Wimbledon official ball.

Federer dominance.

Federer first came to dominance at Wimbledon 2003 and then became number 1 by the beginning of 2004. The next of the Big Four was Nadal with his first French Open win in 2005. In 2007 Djokovic joined the group and Murray followed in 2008. It is quite amazing that Federer as the oldest still remains the dominant of these four. Amazing at age 36. He remains the favorite for Wimbledon 2018.

Will Nadal be dropping soon?

No doubt Nadal has been exceptional on the clay courts. He is the King of Clay. Even with winning two Wimbledon titles, Nadal has always found grass courts a struggle. For nostaglia, we are wishing for a Federer Nadal final but it is unlikely. What Nadal is playing for this Wimbledon is to keep his number 1 ranking. He needs win at least the round of 32 to keep it. There is potential danger lurking however in those first three matches for Nadal.

The two younger Big Four.

Djokovic and Murray are definitely part of the Big Four but with such lesser distinction. Djolovic had his year of in 2011 and has achieved the career Grand Slam. Of late, it is questionable if he can return to his peak playing. Similar for Murray. Pulling out of Wimbledon 2018 delays his return to top form. Both Djokovic and Murray are 31 years old with Murray just being one week older than Djokovic. Will they ever have the record in their thirties like the two older of the Big Four? Is it really the Big Two now?

Tournament will be exciting.

Grand Slams have many twist and turns during the two weeks of competition. Wimbledon 2018 will be no exception. Time to watch and many questions remain. Who will be in the finals? Will Nadal remain number 1? Will Djokovic find his stride? Will Federer capture number 21? Will there be a surprise winner? Time to watch and just enjoy.

Time to enjoy the strawberries and cream.

Wimbledon in all it's tradition and it's importance in tennis will begin tomorrow. Time to enjoy the competition and the traditions. With strawberries being perfectly ripe during the Wimbledon tournament, serving up strawberries and cream has become an enjoyable Wimbledon tradition.

Let the matches begin.



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