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Roger Federer - The 50 Point spread.

Roger Federer is now ranked number 2 after his loss at Halle. What does this really mean? And more importantly how will it affect his play at Wimbledon.

Federer celebrating his 20th Major win at the AO in 2018.

Onward to Wimbledon.

Federer played extremely well at Halle and could have easily been the winner. He should be pleased with his play. It was just one of those days when Borna Coric was playing his best. Coric played a good all court game with such good angles especially at the net. His angle play may have been the deciding factor of who won. Federer is fit however, playing well and ready for Wimbledon.

A true champion.

Ever a tue champion, Federer acknowledged his level of play as being excellent at Halle and also congraulated Coric for being the better player during the final. The last time the two played in Indians Wells it was also a 3 set close match with Federer able to get the win. As younger players perfect a playing style that matches Federer's, the elder champion needs to continually change his game. Thus a good eye-opener to keep in mind when practising for Wimbledon. The younger players have caught on to his grass court ways.

Grass is best.

However for Federer, grass is best. No one ever in the ATP history has the record Federer has on grass. He is well prepared with tournament game time and matches. he is fit and eager to win Wimbledon. Federer remains the favorite to win Wimbledon. His number 2 ranking and his defending champion status will only add to the enticement to win on his part.

How can he become number 1 again.

For the rest of 2018, it will matter on how well Federer defends his points from 2017 in comparison to Rafa Nadal defending his. Right now Federer is 50 points behind Nadal and it will be interesting to see if Nadal can increase that gap or Federer maintains his points by winning Wimbeldon 2018. If Nadal wins at least the round of 16, the gap will become wider and Federer's number 1 return will be delayed further.

Federer definitely not ready for farewells.

Expect Federer to play for quite some time if he sustains no injuries. There are many more records that are close enough to reach as well as break and the 2020 Olympics is not that far off too!



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