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Wisdom With Medicine - The Annual Thank You.

Today a women brought some flowers into the hospital ward just to say thank you.

They were beautiful daisey flowers. She just wanted to thank us for the care of her husband who died exactly a year ago. She felt comfort in being with us and thanking us again. A reminder that giving and thanking is wonderful for soothing the soul.

Saying thanks is so important.

It reminded me of another patient who annually made the trek to thank me year after year. I had been instrumental in setting him up for a liver transplant. Without it he would have died. On the anniversary of the transplant he would come by and thank me and sit and talk about what the year had been for him.

His vists always reminded me all of our journies are always precious and our own journey is also there so we can share and thank those who have made it special along the way.

Go out and thank someone to day. Appreciation is a very powerful thing.


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