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Wisdom With Medicine - Unique Relationships.

Sometimes you see unusal bonds and kindness between patients that make you understand what is important each day. I witnessed such an occurance today.

Unusual combination.

The two had rooms side by side in a step-down area of the hospital where patients wait to be placed in another facility with a different level of care. They were the most unlikely two patients to know each other. They would have never crossed paths in their usual worlds.

Completely opposite.

Both were cognitively challenged for different reasons - one from age and the other from a neurological progressive disorder. One was half the age of the other. One was a proper British gentleman in his time and the other had experienced a struggling abused life in a developing country.

It was a "My Fair Lady" moment.

The woman had purchased some perfume and the gentleman was instructing her how to use it and where it should be placed to be proper. She was listening attentively and taking it all in. Somewhere in the misunderstandings that were occuring with him being slightly deaf and her speaking with speech that showed her heavy accent and neurologic impairment, they were enjoying their moment.

Not only the perfume tips, they were also proud to show me how she had manicured his

nails, all trimmed and cleaned as if ready for an executive meeting of his by-gone days. He clearly informed me she was better than any staff.

Best friends.

They stressed they were best friends and they totally felt each other were wonderful. Doesn't everyone need that?

Friendship and caring is found in unusual places. Best to be on the lookout, it is wonderful to see. There are special unique relationships everywhere.


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