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Wisdom With Medicine - Sometimes You Just Know.

Often you receive the best tips in life from patients with dementia. I know this is surprising but somewhere in between their confusion, their lack of knowing what day it is or whether they are at home or in the hospital, they share gems of little pieces of their own wisdom.

Often you are treated with excitement when you approach the patient with dementia, they are sure you are there for an extended friendship type visit rather than to check up on their symptoms and to examine them. They are glad you came by for such a visit and just want to chat with you. One such patient said he had been waiting to see me so he could tell me something really important. He wanted to tell me that an old friend was coming to visit that he had known for years. The first time they had met, he instantly knew this was a person you could share anything with and not be judged. He wanted me know that those kind of friends are really important to have but you never know when or where they wil come along. ... So true and so wise.


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