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Virtue And Moir - The Next Chapter.

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Snow and ice are synonymous with Canada and so are Virtue and Moir. The Olympics have showcased a young couple that Canadians for years have held close to their hearts. They are ambassadors whether intentional or not for the values of Canadian culture. Today we get one last chance to view them in the ice skating gala at the Olympics.

Such a long committment.

Starting to skate together at seven and nine years of age has been quite a legacy. Their family support has been phenomenal. There desire to win and be focused on their sport has taken them through many ups and downs. The times during injury and rehab required no skating and resulted in difficulties in communication that were definitely not easy.

The non-dating couple.

The curiosity about their relationship has peaked worldwide with this Winter Olympics. The caring and understanding of each other alone has fueled people to want to see more of a relationship. The romantic story-lines of their skating has memorized the public and made it quite easy to imagine much more than a business relationship. Somehow, we all know what they have is the bases of any good relationship.

Where to go to from now.

Virtue and Moir are now in a position to decide to move on from competitive skating. They accomplished their goals of the last couple years and now they could move on to a new adventure and experience in life. Their talent as speakers as well as skaters could develop into something extraordary.

We have heard in the interviews post Gold medal, they are going to take time to decide what they want but it will be a joint decision and they would definitely like doing something together. Many of us in our hearts would like to see them be more than a business relationship. With such a bases of friendship, kindness and respect they have all the tools for a wonderful life. We are looking forward to Montreal welcoming them home.

We wish them the best.


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