• Barbara J MacFarlane, MD

Tessa And Scott - The Relationship.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are so popular now that when referred to by their first names only, everyone knows whom you are talking about. They are the ultimate ice princess and prince.

Why we want a relationship.

When we see something that mimics what we view as a perfect romantic interaction, we want it to be a true relationship. Almost everyone wants them to be in a dating relationship. They definitely do have a non-dating, non-romantic relationship that is alive and well and something we all can learn from.

The basis of quality interaction.

Tessa and Scott have said over and over again that they have worked very hard for their relationship and even gone to counseling that was very equilvalent to marriage counseling. As you see, hear and watch them, you can definitley tell they respect each other, listen to each other, complement each other both in words and in interaction and clearly articulate their feelings about almost anything in a manner they truely know that the other will feel comfortable with. Isn't that the basis of what every quality relationship is built?

We can learn from them.

Rather than fantasize about their relationship, we could learn a lot from them to incorporate in our own relationships. Taking the time to learn how to have a good relationship and taking the time to work on it, is something very few people do. Then putting it to practice in a very disiplined way even for those we are not romantically linked to would be admirable for anyone. Taking it the step further and making it your way of life in your romantic life would bring you and your partner much satisfaction.

Their life has been different.

No doubt Tessa and Scott are not your two ordinary people. First of all, just to spend so much time with someone over a twenty year period is unsual for indivuals that are still young adults, even for married couples of that age group. They know all the awkward stages of their childhoods as well as their insecurities and fears growing up. They have focused so intently on joint goals, to the extent most people never do in their entire life. They do not know the usual life of teenage/young adult socializing. In some ways they have been in a bubble of their special interaction. They know it is special but they possibly do not know the context of it.

Relationships in skating pairs.

Virtue and Moir have not specifically said it, but between the lines of conversation there is a thread of tacit understanding that they will not ever consider dating if they continue to compete. Hence why they do not date each or consider it. There is a long history of skating pairs who have dated and then when the relationship turns south, their pairs skating suffers and the skating partnership usually dissolves. Virtue and Moir have been smart to value their relationship, keep their competitive status intact and work on an non-dating approach for now.

What does the future bring.

Tessa and Scott definitely have the day to day understanding and interaction between them down in a way that is enviable. If they choose as a partnership not to continue competing then possibly all options are open in regards to their relationship.

We are all wondering, if when they look around, and understand what they really have in relationship compared to what is really out there, what they will decide? Sometimes when something is too familiar with something we do not understand its value and sometimes in life we realize that truly knowing and caring about someone like Tessa and Scott appear to do, is really the basis of happiness. Time will tell how they decide about that, and we will be watching too!


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