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Photo Feeling.

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Ever look at a photo and feel you see your exact perfect feeling? The photo conjures up your perfect feeling of calm serenity in regards to place, smells, sounds, and what you are doing. It goes to who you are to the core.

When I was more than stressed.

Years ago, when I was feeling overstressed from work as a physician, and at the same time overtaxed in my non-work time with having two active pre-school aged children and consequently little time for myself, I came across an article describing that we all need a photo that can bring us to a place that is pure calm serenity. A photo that, just by looking at it, we can hear the sounds, smell the air, identify with the pleasure and feel the temperature on our skin. A photo like that can take us momentarily to a place in our mind that has the same benefits as meditating. It calms us down and refreshes us.

To be in a favorite place even just momentarily in our minds is a really good feeling.

Find your photo.

To find your perfect photo, think of what season refreshes you the most and what situation you feel the best in. Think of what sounds and smells are your favorites. Understand what activity completely makes you calm when completed. Then find a photo that has all those elements. The photo does not have to be of yourself, go through old magazines or search on the Internet if you need to. Better still, go and enjoy taking the photo yourself.

Where to put your photo.

There are many good places to put your photo. Ideally put it where you have the most stress and where you most need the momentary meditational-like break from your stress.

When I had my first photo like this, it was a photo of a woman running along a beach. I had it on my workstation where I wrote prescriptions for patients just before they left the office following a visit. So between seeing patients I could feel the hot sunshine, smell the ocean and hear the wind, seagulls and the waves quietly lapping the shore as I ran on the beach. It momentarily made me feel like life was perfect.

What's your perfect photo? Let us know.


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