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Little Wine With Lifestyle.

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

The health benefits of wine, especially red wines, has been dismissed. Maybe not a reason to completely end any intake of wine. Perhaps it's better to look at wine as an artful experience in taste and smell. Drinking wine should be a part of your overall experience combining food tastes and smells with wine tastes and smells as well as being intermingled with the whiffs in the room possibly from flowers or what the fresh air from a window brings in. The goal of drinking wine should be an art-like experience rather than a focus on inebriation with a taste you can tolerate. Fine wine connoisseurs keep their own "notes" on wines they taste. Wines are referred to having "notes". These notes are the specific aroma and flavor of a wine. The notes of a wine can be wide-ranging. Notes can include most any fruits, flowers, herbs, grasses, wood and even tobaccos.

Drinking wine with a lifestyle of living well means combining wines which have specific notes with compatible food that is prepared well, in a setting of the right colors, art, flowers and presentation that gives a desired atmosphere, Do some reading with The Essence of Wines: Celebrating the Delights of the Palate by Adler Yarrow of the great blog and plan your next dinner party for a complete art-like experience around some unusual notes of wine. Treat yourself to such fine living. Share with us what you did and just how delightful it was. What do you think?



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