Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Every year, the first full week in February marks the Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament. Also every year, on that same week, it usually rains most days. This year, however, it feels like summer in Pebble Beach and everyone is enjoying it immensely. Quite the amateur list. Once again the amateur players' list is quite a mix. Bill Murray has made his annual pilgrimage to the links. Other household familiar names include Bret Baier, Mike Bloomberg, Larry the Cable Guy, Carson

Excited About The New Logo.

Nothing like a little unique identity. The Living Well Viewpoint logo is here. Feels right. What do you think? #life #sport #medicine #lifestyle #livingwell

The Living Well Life.

A life of living well has always been defined to be both virtuous as well as monetarily comfortable. How to acheive that has always had different philosophies of approach. Approach through happiness. Many philosophers feel the avenue to living well is through happiness. Aristotle felt that happiness was the basis of a good life. He even wrote that "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existance". Other philosophers did not focus as

Little Wine With Lifestyle.

The health benefits of wine, especially red wines, has been dismissed. Maybe not a reason to completely end any intake of wine. Perhaps it's better to look at wine as an artful experience in taste and smell. Drinking wine should be a part of your overall experience combining food tastes and smells with wine tastes and smells as well as being intermingled with the whiffs in the room possibly from flowers or what the fresh air from a window brings in. The goal of drinking wine

The finer things in Life.

Dined at this evening and besides the excellent food and service, noticed the genuine joy expressed and pleasantness of the owner/waitress. A reminder that this is the way we should always interact with everyone. Great food, great people, always a great dining experience. Definitely a place which offers the finer things in life. Great finish to a fine day. #life #lifestyle #livingwell

Living well has meaning.

Lving well encompases everything. It is a work of art and together we can help its creation. Definitely your life should be a template for exactly who you are. A life of living well is a life where beliefs, hopes and dreams all mesh. It is a life that is mindful of its purpose and is supportive of its accomplishment. I thank you for being part of that journey, our journey. #life #lifestyle #livingwell

Lifestyle is about a few luxuries.

A little luxury item, just one or two in your collection of things as a statement to yourself that you are special makes you feel your lifestyle is wonderful. That little scarf, clutch or cosmetic bag goes a long way in to daily remind you of your luxurious life. I like the little finds of Elizabetta Boutique You feel like you have had the luxury of travelling to Italy! #lifestyle #livingwell

Our Blogger.

I graduated from Medical School more than 30 years ago after a pre-medical with work in Exercise Physiology as well as research including a Masters Degree with thesis research regarding how a common blood pressure pill affects the  ability to exercise. Always a proponent of exercise and activity, I supplemented my Family Medicine residency with extra training in Orthopedic Surgery. It felt that my background was perfect for a career in Sports Medicine and the promotion of exe

8 fun ways to accessorize your outfit

It's the little things maybe just one item per outfit. Don't over do it. Pick an item per day. Gloves, even if it is just going to and from work or in the day. Soft leather barely there gloves feel the best. A special wrap for your hair. It sure helps when you are one day late washing your hair and don't have the time. Tiny clutch purse for some personal items at your desk or even to help organize inside your handbag. A belt that is bold and definitely a statement or a skinny