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Benefits of Wearing Black.

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

How we are affected by color is very primal. We can either dress with colors that affect others or dress with colors that affect ourselves. Most of the time, it is of benefit to dress in a way that affects ourselves with allowing us to feel calm, imaginative and very productive throughout the day. Black or another monochrome color such as grey or navy are good color choices to have in your wardrobe. When wearing black you have less stimulating input to your own mind and it allows your mind to have full brain power to the tasks you are trying to accomplish. There is a reason why you always see Vera Wang dressed head to toe in black as is similar with other fashion designers. Having a good selection of mix and match black clothes and shoes can allow you to vary your outfit and still be something that is good for any occasion. Black can give the primal message that you are not open to listening to a conversation, so if you have an important meeting or lunch date add a scarf or some jewelry that indicates you are reliable, calm and open - think of blues and greens. Black can be so versatile that if you bring a pair of heels, a quality shawl or jacket along with expensive jewelry with you to work, you can be ready for any dressed up occasion after work. Black looks good with any skin or hair color with some tones needing a small scarf or collar of a different color at the neckline to make the differentiation smoother with your skin tone. Often just something white, cream or some other solid color is enough. Having many black monochrome selections as well as grey and navy monochrome selection in your wardrobe limits the decision overload in the morning when you are getting dressed. Similar to why famous CEOs in the computer industry always dress with the same outfit every day. Less decisions in the morning make for more living well during the day. Have you seen the benefits of monochrome dressing? Or do you just use it for your winding down at home?



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