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8 fun ways to accessorize your outfit

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

It's the little things maybe just one item per outfit. Don't over do it. Pick an item per day. Gloves, even if it is just going to and from work or in the day. Soft leather barely there gloves feel the best. A special wrap for your hair. It sure helps when you are one day late washing your hair and don't have the time. Tiny clutch purse for some personal items at your desk or even to help organize inside your handbag. A belt that is bold and definitely a statement or a skinny belt to make a dress special and give some shine with a stylized metal buckle. Bracelets single or together help draw one's attention if they are your only jewellery for the day. A very well chosen purse with designer details that make it unique and never forget a stylish pair of sunglasses.



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